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大倉摩矢子 おおくらまやこ Mayako Ohkura


大学在学中に舞踏家 大野一雄氏の出演する映画を観て舞踏を知る。
1999年~2014年 舞踏家大森政秀(天狼星堂主宰)に師事、天狼星堂公演に出演。
2002年 ラボ20#13(横浜STスポット)に出演、ラボ・アワードを受賞。
2004年 ソロ作品《微熱な日々》《些細なこと》で第35回舞踊批評家協会賞新人賞を受賞。





Butoh dancer. From 1999 to 2014, she studied under the Butoh dancer Masahide Omori (the president of 天狼星堂Tenroseido) and appeared in the Tenroseido performance. In 2001, she started solo activities and danced at theatres and various places, including outdoors, beauty salons and art museums, etc. In 2004 she received the 35th Dance Critics Association Award for Best Newcomer Award. In recent years, she has been engaging in a wide variety of activities at home and abroad such as conducting monthly workshops, composing and directing workshop performances, intergenres talk sessions with live performances,curating dance festival,Taiwan International Dark Butoh Art Festival (2017), Asia Butoh Forum (2022), and online overseas workshops.

From 2023, she starts [butoh training]. She will pass on butoh to future generations.

She is also a yoga teacher and organizes yoga circles, and is active in conveying the relationship between the body and mind, as well as the joy and wonder of physical exercise to a wide range of people.

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